The property is safe and secure. They have 24-hour security monitoring and surveillance cameras working to ensure that the property is free from danger. You and your love ones can sleep peacefully at night   knowing that you are safely tucked in your own homes without any harm coming your way. Isn’t that a comfortable thought in this age of uncertainly and sometimes, danger is lurking out of anywhere? 

There is power back up as a generator is available, just in case of power shutdown. Everything is taken cared of. A passenger elevator and a lift elevator are also on site for the residents’ use as well as their visitors.  All alarm systems are in place, too. 

There are parking slots that are available for residents at an affordable cost of P1,000 per month. Basic amenities like a laundry and drying cage are so essential in our busy, hurried lives and these are provided for in all BLOQ units.  The laundry area is usually located at the rooftop. 

What is included in each boutique unit?  White wall paint  with smooth finish, doors and  fixtures are what you would expect from a turned-over unit.  There are minimal monthly dues. As a resident, you can bring a maximum of about 4 visitors. 

For your special celebrations of milestones, you can do it right here in their reception hall where events can be held. So whether you are celebrating your birthday or want to have a baptismal shower party, wedding shower, graduation or moving-up party, every occasion is worth celebrating here. No need for you to go out, lease out a place far from where you are. You can do it right here and this will not take too much of your time, effort and money. So, next time you’re up for something  - do it at the reception hall as you continue to build your memories with dear ones. 

Well, for those who toil hard for 5 or 6 days a week – take heart!  Rest, relax and just chill right at the roof deck lounge as you take in the breathtaking city views and breathe on fresh, crisp air. Take the time to just bask in your surroundings and put away all the stress of work or business. You can do it literally in your own home and you need not go out of your neighborhood. 

It is noteworthy to mention also that this property allows small pets in the condo. What are these small animals?  Small dogs, turtles, fish and birds are the only pets allowed at BLOQ RESIDENCES. Pet lovers surely would be thrilled and excited with this fact. The solo residents will be happy to know that they can also have their pets as house companions.

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